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#Tweetsterium 3

Another #Tweetsterium for you! Don’t worry – I won’t use the blue for indicators again – too hard to see. I will also make bigger layouts to make everything line up better next time. Can you solve this mystery?   … Continue reading

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Spyfall was a hit at BGGcon. I played this social deduction party game dozens of times there. The asymmetrical game put everyone under suspicion, forced subtle word play, and always had wild accusations of “SPY!” thrown around. Tons of laughs … Continue reading

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#Tweetsterium 2

Time for another #Tweetsterium Added Numbers/Letters to make it easier to post guesses. I’ll work on the layout (and lighting) for these. I think it’s fun to keep these casual and not try to track score or anything – but … Continue reading

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Going to post some Mysterium (Tajemnicze Domostwo) on Twitter too. I think it’ll work great online as a fun activity. Any suggestions on what clever hashtag to give it? EDIT: Pete Newland came up with #Tweetsterium. I like that – … Continue reading

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#TwitCept Lives

#Twitcept is Twitter + Concept. Concept is a wonderful family/party board game from Repos Productions. Players place markers on a board full of icons as clues to a subject. It’s a bit like Pictionary using icons instead of drawing. It’s … Continue reading

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