#TwitCept Lives

#Twitcept is Twitter + Concept.

Concept is a wonderful family/party board game from Repos Productions. Players place markers on a board full of icons as clues to a subject. It’s a bit like Pictionary using icons instead of drawing. It’s very fun, accessible, and (it turns out) great to play online.

The way we’re doing it is setting up a Concept board and tweeting a photo of it tagged with #TwitCept.

Anyone can play but either tweeting a #Twitcept or guessing on the ones shared.

Quick Primer

  • Question Mark (Green) = Thing to be solved
  • Exclamation Marks (Blue, Black, Red, Yellow) = Key themes or subjects. Can be used to help break down hint groupings
  • Cubes (Blue, Black, Red, Yellow, Green) = Hints. Colors are usually used to help group the info.

Complete rules: http://rprod.com/uploads/CONCEPT_RULES_EN.pdf

The PLAYER AID (that helps provide guidelines for the icons) is here: http://rprod.com/uploads/CONCEPT_PLAYERHELP_EN.pdf

This originally started with a few people on Twitter – namely Jason Paterson (@nakedmeeple) who was my original co-conspirator in GenCant!



  • The Question Mark indicates we’re looking for a Toy/Game (in this case a game). The green cubes are indicating “multiple,” “cutting/fragmentation,” and “up.”
  • The Red Exclamation Mark is indicating “fictional/mythological.” The red cubes are indicating “building,” “city,” and “battle/war.”
  • The correct answer is: Smash Up. Other guesses could be Rampage or Rhino Hero etc.


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