Game On! Convention 2015

Just a quick note about my weekend.

Game On Con, in little Issaquah, WA, grew out of the ashes of ConQuest NW. It was focused on war gaming … huge maps with tiny hexes and even tinier cardboard chits. Last year, I joined the volunteer staff to help coordinate the “Euro” room (that’s how war gamers view all non-war games apparently) and it was a blast. But THIS year, I had the experience to even better plan the Euro room. I leveraged Social Media (in which some of you supported by retweeting etc.,) BGG, and online forums and this year’s Game On was a phenomenal success.

This year, the Euro room was packed Friday-Sunday and we ran out of table space. We had dozens of new attendees. We had people bring their kids. I taught dozens of games to lots of new faces. Last year there were 3 women in attendance. This year we had around 16. Game companies donated raffle prizes. I was up and gaming for 20 hours a day for 4 days in a row.

Board gaming is a happy place for me. It’s a place where I make friends, I conquer them, I lose to them. Fates rest on a die roll and sometimes the Seer sees 2 werewolves in the center. I had 4 amazing days of board gaming…and I’m left wanting for more.

I can hardly wait to meet up with you at the next gaming convention. Thank you for helping grow this marvelous hobby and community. I had a great weekend because of it.


playing lords of xidit

The Staff Vest. Not my favorite accessory ever...but functional!

The Staff Vest. Not my favorite accessory ever…but functional!


The Games Library (i.e. the games I brought)

The Games Library (i.e. the games I brought)


XCOM. We lost more than we won – but had fun doing both!


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  1. Duane says:

    Great job! Sounds like a great time. I think those war gamers are missing out on some fun.

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