THIS POST has started a lot of discussion in the board game/tabletop “community.”


For all of you who claim board gaming is welcoming, different than the “other” hostile hobbies, or somehow better than other groups… I present to you the Playbook For Responding to Harassment Reports (as summarized from the actual men in board gaming.)




I’ve never seen it.

Is she credible?

She’s doing it to get attention.

She’s a man-hating feminist.

I’m offended you’re associating me with men who harass.

Police always properly respond and report crimes.


Don’t ruin my hobby.

I would stop it.

I don’t believe it.

I would say something.

She’s over the top.

Why aren’t any women commenting on this?



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I am not in the mood to try and be action oriented right now. I am not in the mood to tell you how you can help. I am in the mood to show you what women face when they report harassment. You figure out how you can help. I’m tired.

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