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Craft Supplies For Games: Straight Cuts

I see a lot of game designers showing their prototypes in progress. Sometimes they even share photos of them making those prototypes. And what I came to realize is that my crafting experience (I’ve been a paper craft and knitting … Continue reading

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It’s not ok to mock an Asian accent. Let me say that again… IT’S NOT OK TO MOCK AN ASIAN ACCENT. This post was triggered by another instance of a board game podcaster using a mocking Asian accent. Board gaming … Continue reading

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5 Commitments For Inclusive Gaming

Change is hard. Change can be scary. Change takes work. Change, often, comes slowly and in small increments. Change, in the best scenarios, is an evolution. Growth. Improvement. Evolution is worthwhile. Board Gaming needs to evolve.   I think about … Continue reading

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Waka Tanka

Conflation of non-white races, cultures, and communities often happens in the USA and other western countries. You see this in games as well and the latest example of this is Waka Tanka. When the art for the game released, it … Continue reading

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THIS POST has started a lot of discussion in the board game/tabletop “community.” . For all of you who claim board gaming is welcoming, different than the “other” hostile hobbies, or somehow better than other groups… I present to you the … Continue reading

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The choices an under-represented minority has to make with board games

Lots of games do representation poorly. When a game the gaming community is excited for – maybe it’s a game from a great designer or something with innovative mechanisms or that has phenomenal minis – I have to make choices many others don’t. Sure – … Continue reading

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Diversity in gaming – my take

Well, Part 1 of my take. It’s amusing to me how popular I become when women in gaming or racial diversity in board gaming pops up in the social media sphere. As a non-white woman, I count towards MULTIPLE check … Continue reading

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What I had to write to a friend in board gaming

Let’s say there is some very real poor treatment of and statements made to women and minorities in board gaming. I’m not arguing it’s pervasive or overwhelming. Let’s just say – on some level it exists…it does happen. And let’s … Continue reading

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Game On! Convention 2015

Just a quick note about my weekend. Game On Con, in little Issaquah, WA, grew out of the ashes of ConQuest NW. It was focused on war gaming … huge maps with tiny hexes and even tinier cardboard chits. Last … Continue reading

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#Tweetsterium 3

Another #Tweetsterium for you! Don’t worry – I won’t use the blue for indicators again – too hard to see. I will also make bigger layouts to make everything line up better next time. Can you solve this mystery?   … Continue reading

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