Board Game Apps

I get asked about my favorite game apps a lot. Currently I use an iPad Mini w/ Retina as my primary gaming device. I use an Android emulator when I want or need to play an Android-only app.

I’ll keep this list somewhat updated. This reflects the apps I play the most or enjoy the most…not necessarily which apps are the best quality.

Heavier Games
Lighter Games
Pathfinder Adventure Card GameStar RealmsCard Crawl
PatchworkPotion ExplosionPolytopia
Galaxy Trucker6 Takes!Guild of Dungeoneering
Castles of Mad King LudwigKahunaMini Metro
Neuroshima HexPickominoReigns
CarcassonneLost CitiesMario Run
Le Havre Inland PortThe GameLove You To Bits
Lords of WaterdeepQwirkleTriple Town
CaylusCan't StopThrees
AgricolaQwixxThe Room & The Room 2

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