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Diversity in gaming – my take

Well, Part 1 of my take. It’s amusing to me how popular I become when women in gaming or racial diversity in board gaming pops up in the social media sphere. As a non-white woman, I count towards MULTIPLE check … Continue reading

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What I had to write to a friend in board gaming

Let’s say there is some very real poor treatment of and statements made to women and minorities in board gaming. I’m not arguing it’s pervasive or overwhelming. Let’s just say – on some level it exists…it does happen. And let’s … Continue reading

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Going to post some Mysterium (Tajemnicze Domostwo) on Twitter too. I think it’ll work great online as a fun activity. Any suggestions on what clever hashtag to give it? EDIT: Pete Newland came up with #Tweetsterium. I like that – … Continue reading

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