Spyfall was a hit at BGGcon. I played this social deduction party game dozens of times there. The asymmetrical game put everyone under suspicion, forced subtle word play, and always had wild accusations of “SPY!” thrown around. Tons of laughs and perfect for a quick party game.


Unfortunately, for those who wanted to buy the game its publisher, Hobby World, was negotiating its deal for U.S. distribution leaving people outside of Russia unable to purchase this wonderful game. They were kind enough to grant permission to make print-and-play (PnP) versions of the game as long as you did not duplicate the game’s (great) art.

Thanks Hobby World

Thanks Hobby World!

Thankfully, it sounds like Cryptozoic picked up distribution rights for this game so you’ll be able to purchase the real deal (hopefully) in 2015. But personally, I didn’t want to wait to be able to play this game again!

Enter SPYFAUX. This is my simple, icon-based version of Spyfall. I used icons found online and created cards in Photoshop. I was going to call it “Faux Spyfall” but my pal, Patrick Hillier, on Twitter (@phillier937) helped coin the much better name “SPYFAUX.”  This is a near replica of the game (locations and roles) with only minor changes to a few roles (i.e. “stewardess” became “flight attendant.”) The additional change I made is I added an additional card for every location upping the player count slightly. So now each location deck contains 8 location cards and 1 spy.

Full game rules and additional details can be found on the Spyfall BGG Page.

SPYFAUX cards are designed as mini-cards (1.75”×2.5” or 44.45mm×63.5mm.) I had playing card quality decks printed at Printers Studio but have created printable sheets (8.5″ x 11″) of the game you can print at home. You can purchase mini-card sleeves if you like sleeving your PnP cards – the “mini euro” size will fit – but will be a bit tall.

Spyfaux decks printed at Printers Studio

Spyfaux decks printed at Printers Studio

Please PLEASE PLEASE respect the publisher’s rights to this game. Do NOT attempt to sell these files or decks you make from the files. Print the game, have fun with it, and then pick up the snazzy version when it’s available at your FLGS.


You need both files for the complete game!

Additional notes:

  • I added a card back sheet but it is NOT designed to align to the card fronts for two-sided printing
  • I created a “Location List” card each player can have as a reference sheet…especially helpful for new players who are not familiar with all the locations yet
  • The card backs are also a hint system as they contain icons from all the locations
  • There is a sheet of just “SPY” cards in case you want to try a variant that involves 2 spies in play for larger games
  • I am not the spy.
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#Tweetsterium 2

Time for another #Tweetsterium

Added Numbers/Letters to make it easier to post guesses. I’ll work on the layout (and lighting) for these.

I think it’s fun to keep these casual and not try to track score or anything – but if you have ideas on how we could try some kind of score keeping – I’d love to hear them. I’ve thought about even doing a simple online doc or something people could enter answers in.

If we can figure it out – I might have a few games I could give away as prizes. 😉


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Going to post some Mysterium (Tajemnicze Domostwo) on Twitter too. I think it’ll work great online as a fun activity.

Any suggestions on what clever hashtag to give it? EDIT: Pete Newland came up with #Tweetsterium. I like that – what do you think?

Here’s what I’m thinking:

You lay out a set of weapons/locations/murderers with 1-4 clues next to each grouping. The goal is to identify the single weapon, location, and murderer from the clues given.



Thoughts? Suggestions?

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#TwitCept Lives

#Twitcept is Twitter + Concept.

Concept is a wonderful family/party board game from Repos Productions. Players place markers on a board full of icons as clues to a subject. It’s a bit like Pictionary using icons instead of drawing. It’s very fun, accessible, and (it turns out) great to play online.

The way we’re doing it is setting up a Concept board and tweeting a photo of it tagged with #TwitCept.

Anyone can play but either tweeting a #Twitcept or guessing on the ones shared.

Quick Primer

  • Question Mark (Green) = Thing to be solved
  • Exclamation Marks (Blue, Black, Red, Yellow) = Key themes or subjects. Can be used to help break down hint groupings
  • Cubes (Blue, Black, Red, Yellow, Green) = Hints. Colors are usually used to help group the info.

Complete rules: http://rprod.com/uploads/CONCEPT_RULES_EN.pdf

The PLAYER AID (that helps provide guidelines for the icons) is here: http://rprod.com/uploads/CONCEPT_PLAYERHELP_EN.pdf

This originally started with a few people on Twitter – namely Jason Paterson (@nakedmeeple) who was my original co-conspirator in GenCant!



  • The Question Mark indicates we’re looking for a Toy/Game (in this case a game). The green cubes are indicating “multiple,” “cutting/fragmentation,” and “up.”
  • The Red Exclamation Mark is indicating “fictional/mythological.” The red cubes are indicating “building,” “city,” and “battle/war.”
  • The correct answer is: Smash Up. Other guesses could be Rampage or Rhino Hero etc.


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Extra Life 2014

I’m lucky enough to be part of the Mox Boardinghouse/Card Kingdom Extra Life team this year. We’ll be playing board games and RPGs for 24 hours Oct. 25th, 2014 all in an attempt to raise funds to benefit the Children’s Miracle Network of hospitals. EVERY penny raised goes towards our local CMN hospital which, in turn, benefits millions of children.

If you are able to donate even just $1 (I adore $1 pledges!) please feel free to do so here: SUZANNE’S EXTRA LIFE PAGE

Your support is greatly appreciated!


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